The off-duty Wedding Photographer - Bali and Lombok

One of the massive perks of being a wedding photographer is the seasonal nature of the work - it's one of the main reasons I went into wedding photography as I love to travel, and I knew that working all summer in places like Cornwall, Devon and Shropshire would mean that over the winter I could explore more far flung destinations (and hopefully book some destination weddings along the way).

Despite living in Australia for four years, I never managed to get to visit Indonesia; so when Kirsty and Jesse asked me to be the wedding photographer for their wedding in Ferguson Valley, Western Australia, it felt like the perfect excuse to build a bigger trip around my week in Australia.

Rob had been to Indonesia something like seven times before, and as a surfer he had a pretty good idea of where he wanted to go, so we ended up scooting around Bali and Lombok. I was just happy to be somewhere hot without my laptop (yes folks, I left it at home).

I'm not going to lie, it wasn't the sunniest holiday I've ever been on, but the plus side of going to Asia in the rainiest part of rainy season is that everything is incredibly, ridiculously, technicolour green. To be perfectly honest, I didn't take that many photos - I think it was the combination of wanting a little bit of a break from my camera, and being scared of it getting drenched in the monsoon rain - but here are a selection from our trip to Bali and Lombok.

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