Australian wedding photography - Kirsty and Jesse's Ferguson Valley wedding

When Kirsty and Jesse's asked if I would consider flying to Perth to be their wedding photographer for what promised to be a beautiful backyard wedding in the Western Australian bush, let's just say I didn't have to mull it over for long.

Fremantle was the first place I lived in Australia, and with my sisters still living there with their families, I started to formulate a bit of a travel plan that included reacquainting myself with my old stomping ground as well as a trip to Bali and Lombok on the way to shoot the wedding.

Kirsty and Jesse had chosen to host their relaxed Aussie bush wedding in Jesse's parent's back garden, which is definitely an understatement. The beautiful self-built property backed onto fields, a stream and a vineyard complete with watering hole. This wasn't your average wedding venue, it was a travelling wedding photographer's dream!

Now I've shot some pretty wild wedding parties, but this was a new level even for me. Until you've shot a wedding where the bride takes to the stage to sing her own song - "Crack Whore" - giving you some incredible shots of the parents of the groom mouthing along to the rousing chorus of "She's a crack-crack-crack-crack-crack-crack-crackity whore" (which everyone knows the words to), then I'm not sure you even know what a party is! 

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