Hello. Welcome. Cup of tea?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Olivia, a self-confessed daydreamer with a restless soul and an adventurous spirit. I’m all kinds of things, but the labels I like best are Photographer and Storyteller.

A nomad at heart, for the past four years I've been splitting the year between the UK and Australia.

In England, I live in Shropshire on the Welsh Borders, where I am mostly likely to be found barefoot in a field, dancing, having a good old natter or drinking copious amounts of earl grey tea around the kitchen table until way past my bed time.

In Australia, I live by the sea in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, where I am most likely to be found with my toes in the ocean, in the garden tending our tomatoes or adventuring up and down the New South Wales coastline.

Once upon a time I was a festival baby. Now I’m full grown, but my love for community, celebration, connectedness (and good music) has stayed with me. It’s a lifelong love affair. We’re going to grow old together.


My why.

If you told me I could only photograph one subject for the rest of my life, it would be an easy choice. I choose PEOPLE. Real, genuine, caring, sharing, feeling people, with their emotions, their interactions, their mannerisms and their flaws.

My first photographic loves were the great Street Photographers, Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau. I learned to shoot on an old 35mm Pentax Spotmatic and photography was like meditation for me. The patient waiting for the perfect moment to click the shutter, the endless hours spent in the musty depths of the darkroom.

For years I practiced with my friends. I got really good at joining in all of the fun at parties whilst keeping a keen eye out for the hidden gems, the unseen moments and interactions. I was the observer of emotions and later the storyteller as they relived the day or night through my photographs.

And so to weddings, a natural step. A day filled to the brim with connectedness, open-hearted joy, celebration and raw emotion. Being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world, and here's why:

1.     The face ache. That special brand of joyful pain that lingers right behind the ears, a spot where usually not much happens. And I’m lucky enough to get it all day while I’m shooting and then all week while I’m editing.

2.     The freedom. I love this planet, and I want to see more of it. I can work while I travel and I can live wherever I want to lay my head. I’m more of a nomadic photographer than a destination wedding photographer, so if you like my style but aren’t sure whether I’ll come to your country please ask!

3.     The hills. City life is not for me. At the moment home is rural Shropshire, where I can be on top of a hill, windswept and red cheeked within five minutes.

4.     The autonomy. Because I like answering to myself. I can check in on my emotions and see where I’m at, whether I’m nourished, and can be in control of the solutions.

5.     The warm fuzzies. Who needs soppy chick flicks or rom coms when you deal with real, true love on a day-to-day basis?